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Carta de presentación en inglés

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Ejemplos de cartas de presentación  en inglés


Modelo de carta No1

Carta de presentación el cual va adjunto al curriculum y donde una joven aspira a la posición de secretaria e indica que ha sido notificada de la vacante por medio de una persona que labora en un centro educativo.

September 27, 2007

Ms. Sandra Miller
63Sunrise Highway
Fort Lauderdale,FL 33309

Dear Ms Miller:

Ms. Mary Smith, the business education chairperson atColumbus High School, has told me that you have an opening for a secretary and I believe I have the necessary qualifications for the position.

As the enclosed resume points out, I have had three years of shorthand training and transcription atColumbus High School and have developed a high rate of speed and accuracy in both shorthand and typing.

In addition, for the last two months I have had the opportunity to improve both skills as a fulltime replacement at the main office of the Bank of Columbus County. This experience also served to acquaint me with the daily routine of a busy office. I have enjoyed both my training and my work experience and believe that I can satisfactorily fill the position that you have.

You can reach me at 995-458-245 any day after 3:30 p.m. May I have a personal interview at your convenience?

Sincerely yours,

Riosa Perez


Modelo de carta No.2

En este caso una persona aspira a una posción en el área de contabilidad.  No indica cómo supo de la vacante.

September 27, 2007

The Register
Box 798
Smithville,MN 5632

Dear Sir or Madam:

Three years of university accounting, supplemented by summer work at an accounting firm and strengthened by an evening program in accounting at the Smith Institute, have equipped me to handle the general demands of accounting work. I would therefore appreciate it if you would consider me for an accounting position in your firm.

At present, I am employed as a tax clerk with the Avila Manufacturing Corporation.  However, I am looking for a position that would make greater use of mv broad training and I would also value the opportunity to get into a more advanced phase of accounting.

The enclosed resume summarizes my education and experience. In addition, it includes the names of three people from whom you may obtain information about mv character and ability.

I would very much like to talk to you in person. I may be reached by phone at 305-879-5244 from9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or at 458-9874 after 6 p.m

Sincerely yours,

Juan Ramirez


Modelo de carta No.3

Carta de presentación donde la persona expone su interés por una posición de secretaria y supo de la vacante por medio del periódico.

June 24, 2001

303 Milestone Street
Miami,FL 33100


I had read on the Friday, June 22, issue of “Miami News” that your company has an opening for an bilingual commercial secretary, and I feel that my skill and training can fully qualified me.

The enclosed resume summarizes my education and experience. It also includes the names of three people from whom you may obtain information about my character and ability.

I would like to talk to you in person. You can reach me at 301-0578.

Sincerely yours,

María Huertas



Modelo de carta No.4

Persona que acaba de terminar sus estudios universitarios y envía su curriculum y carta de presentación a empresas donde sus conocimientos pudieran ser de utilidad.

June 24, 2001

303 Milestone Street
Miami,FL 33100

To whom it may concern:

I recently finished my studies inMiami University and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering specialized in Business Administration.

As a professional, I want to concentrate my career in the areas regarding Distribution or Logistics and be part of a global company that is an industrial leader and contribute to a growing organization as yours.

Therefore, I would like to offer you my professional services to assist in any administrative or engineer position that could be available in your company.

I’m a self-motivated, willing to learn and work candidate. I appreciate your time and look forward to speaking with you, enclosed you will find my resume for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,


Modelo de carta No.5

June 10, 2002

Mr. Carl Smith
Human Resources Manager
P.O. Box 368

Dear Mr. Smith:

As you know, your company is a leading institution within its sector that contributes in the creation of value to this country.  In that sense, I have great interest in becoming a member of your winning team and I took this opportunity to enclose my currículum vitae for your review and consideration for current or future opening.

You will notice that my professional knowledge since its beginning has been in the financial environment which is adequately complemented with my studies in Economics. Therefore, I consider that with my experience could become a potential asset to your institution.

If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate in contacting me at 854230­2644 (home), 854269-8625 (office) or by email analopez@hotmail.com. I will be glad to meet and hear from you soon.

Best regards, Ana López


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